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Angela Burks
Has been a part of this industry since 1996. Started in this business as a single mother which taught her quickly to learn the Capital. Today capital is her #1 specialty and skill but she spends most of her time helping new Investors jump start their business with Inspire. Angela has been a part of Inspire since 2017 and has been helping investors of all stages create, grow and scale their business to their fullest potential.
Favorite Quote “Don’t be afraid of the $$$, Its only MATH”

Toya Doby
Toya is no stranger to Customer relations and support. She has spent her entire career servicing relationships and being the liaison and glue that hold a business’s foundation together. Toya specializes in support and start up.  She is connoisseur of structure and follow through. Since 2019, Toya has been helping Investors get through their first steps of Inspires on-boarding integration. Toya was a novice to investing when she came to Inspire and now she has started her own investing business and growing quickly. 
Favorite Quote: I never dreamed about Success, I worked for it

We are so excited to help you create the business and life you desire. That does take commitment and in order to truly commit to something, especially something "new" and supplemental, you must make a DECISION!  To DECIDE means to chose a direction, one over the other, which implies the end of something else.  In this case, that end relates to the old way of doing things, settling for average, and to pursue exceptional!  

That's WHO we are looking for and this process will identify for us, whether YOU are "inclined" to WIN.  It doesn't tell us whether you will or not, that is entirely up to YOU.  However, our time is the only resource we can't replenish so we are very protective of it...and in order, therefore, for us to invest our time in you, we need to see that inclination.   

What we also know, is that there is NO test that can determine the HEART of a Champion...the ONLY way to know that, is to take the field!  So if you are asked to join our Team, we look forward to taking the field with YOU and WINNING TOGETHER!!
Any examples of when money was made by applying the real estate investing education and experience. In no way is this a representation of a typical result or the result another real estate investing Partner will experience.
Real estate investment results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each opportunity. This example does not guarantee or predict a similar result in any past, present or future real estate investment opportunities. Each real estate investment result is as unique as the real estate itself.

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