Thank You
If you keep doing the same things you’ve always done, you can expect the same results you’ve always gotten.
  • As a Team Member, the expectation is ONE transaction per month.
  • Advance into Field Training other Interns
  • Become a Gym Rat, be Coachable, and DO THE WORK
If you are determined, work hard, LEARN, take action and execute, you may earn the Capital Partner designation. Based on the criteria of the Short-Term Capital Fund, once you complete this Development Program, the Fund will consider partnering with you on your own Redevelopment Projects.
There are no guarantees as many factors go into the decision to take on any one project. That decision by the Fund as to whether any Partner gains access to the capital for a project isn’t tied to the purchase of any education products or working with ICP. However, the fund does recognize both the Renatus Education and the ICP Field Development Program as exceeding its requirements. Once you complete the requisite education and field training provided by the aforementioned providers, you will have earned consideration as a Capital Partner. Consideration as a Capital Partner means that as you present a project to the fund for consideration, the only likely criteria would be available liquid capital and the merits of the project.
Any examples of when money was made by applying the real estate investing education and experience. In no way is this a representation of a typical result or the result another real estate investing Partner will experience.
Real estate investment results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each opportunity. This example does not guarantee or predict a similar result in any past, present or future real estate investment opportunities. Each real estate investment result is as unique as the real estate itself.

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